How it all began

In February 2020 Alex, a HR executive at the time, went into her end of probation meeting to learn that she had met her work objectives however, her employment would end that day. She called her sister Lillie who is both Dyslexic and Autistic who responded with, ‘Don’t get another job, we can create our own company where you can be yourself and not be made to feel bad for it.’ Needless to say, the end of Alex’s employment was the beginning of Send it to Alex.

Lillie and Alex are working to understand where employment cycle processes, expectations and procedures negatively impact on neurodivergent employees. Their first-hand experience and exposure to the disadvantages that neurodivergent and disabled people are dealing with is the motivation behind their elevation to becoming a Certified BCorp

Our mission is to empower people and organisations to assert change that allows everyone to access and thrive in employment.

Lillie and Alex are passionate about influencing change in accessibility to employment for neurodivergent people and are working to create a diverse and inclusive virtual administration and PA service that they are proud of. In December 2021 they were awarded funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Ultd for a R&D project to create a tool that helps address the employment gap for neurodivergent and disabled people. 

1 %

of Autistic people are unemployed

1 %

Disability unemployment rate Q2 2021

1 %

of Managers would feel uncomfortable employing someone with ADHD

If you are interested in collaborating with Send it to Alex we would love to hear from you.